We are Radio Control Model Aircraft Club and fly all types of fixed wing aeroplanes. Electric, Petrol, Turbines etc. Helicopters are allowed with regulations attached.Our flying area is about 4 miles from Lymm in Cheshire. Our Strip measures 100 X 25 metre and is maintained regularly. The flying area has a clear sky with no obstructions and can accomodate any type of model.

  The rules we have allow us to keep the site safe for our members and ensure we are not intrusive to our few surrounding neighbours, fly safely and respect our farmer and field. We are affiliated to the BMFA and base our guidelines on their hand book. We do have restriction on membership 30 maximum so in general the week-end flying is very pleasant with correct amount of models.

If you are looking for a club to join go on contacts page, send a message to arrange to come down and have a fly or a chat.


Flying Hours:- Year round Monday thru to Sunday 10am - until dusk.


For further information or enquiries click on Contact Us.




Graham checking out his Ultra flash before take off
Looking down the strip North East during a cutting session

A view of our Strip from the pilot area

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