Tomas with his biggy Febuary 2019
Tomas's 33% extra with 120DLE
 Phil and Tomas sorting out his scale chopper May 2017 Barbi event
 Paul winning the timed Landing guessamate May 2017 Fun Fly Barbi
 Susan and Heidi relaxing after sorting us out with Cups of tea (Graham got his money worth there ! !)
 Paul winning the 2nd Raffle prize (the first Domino Pizza and then one every week for 12 months ! ! ??)
 Graham winning the first raffle 2017 Barbi Event (nice Zephyr V70 DF Glider)
 Arial View May 2017 Barbi 
 David Again our Barbi Chef for 2017 spot on again
 Maria receiving the worste timed landing booby prize (Maria's happy with that ! what a smile)
 David winning the farthest away not on purpose spot landing
 Simon Cocker and Matthew getting ready for towing the 4 metre Duo discus. Matthew is just kissing his trani for good luck ! !
 Martin with his retro glider bags of presence with this model. Lots of concentration here getting it ready.  Hey anybody got any epoxy with them ! !
 Matthews duo dicus 4 mtre glider approaching landing with airbrakes up. Good picy Gwen ! !
 Chris doing a fly past down the strip with his Reaper 
 Trying it the other route,wind was fluky

Graham receiving fun fly prize from Tomas (0ur Junior Member) 2014

 Martin the wine will taste better with a pasta dish 
Gordon flashing his legs and his Wayne Fontana Sun Glasses

 Luke (our junior)presenting Nick with a 2014 fun fly competition prize

2014 Kilton fun Fly

2013 Barbi fun fly on a cold windy August Sunday 

 Tomas with his " B " Certificate with the petrol Edge 540 he passed with 2014

 The Mako Owners Club "Kilton"

Makos multi fly line up


 Their off ! ! "JG"s Mako is leading by a short head followed by Tomas then Marcus trailing. The remainder were outsiders 1000 to 1

 Ken and Bob kick starting Bobs Scratch built " Wot 4 " at the 2012 Barbi Fun Fy

 Mako No. 1 of 20 +

 David getting ready for Take Off with Mako

 Graham winning the 2nd spot landing prize 2014 Barbi competition. The chap on the right  was released from the institution for a day to give his keepers a holiday

 Colin with his very nice scale "German Storch" July13th 2014


 Susan getting the 2012 Barbi Fun Fly food and drinks set out

Phils Turbine Glider after maiden flights with Andy on a cold January afternoon 2016 

8th February 2015 Makos in the Mist (very cold day) 

 Graham winning the duration competition 2015 BBQ

 Tomas and Paul receiving their prizes at the 2015 BBQ. Spot Landing for Tomas and Paul for the Guessamate timed landing.(The wine  Tomas has is for his Dad and Mum by the way ! ! !)

 Graham and Tomas 2015 BBQ chasing each other with their fast fast models

 Peter winning one of the booby prizes for  the guessamate. Again a close call, only 9 seconds off the winner Paul Hemming, but he loved his screwdrivers anyway ! !

 A sunny day at the 2015 Fun Fly BBQ, the breeze had a September chill to it

 Richard and Bryan in deep conversation " Hey Bryan we shouln't risk our foamies from Hobby King in the duration competition, they cost us 20 dollars ! ! Too Risky ! ! !

 Tomas flying with FPV System

Our brand spanking new Gazebo being erected at our 2014 spring BQ

 Checking out the Excalibur Jet on the strip January 2016

 " Graham you know the club rules about flying Helis ! ! you must have a fixed wing along with you also ! ! "

 Tomas with his dads' Decathalon 2013

 High aerial view of the strip 2015.Cows being stripped grazed left hand side.

 Mathew AthertonsTurbine Typhoon with self built wings. " Have a look at the baby turbine along side " could be in a jewlers shop window. 2016

 Mathews Wots Wot low pass " the other way for a change "

Wayne presenting Luke with his "A" Certificate 2016
Mathew ready for take off "Fasten your seat belts"
JG's MXR-2 with a Mintor 20cc Petrol.
Paul and better half 2016 Barbi
Everybody is ready for the roast ox Barbecue. Sue keeping tabs on it
David du Whitney carving the delicious Roast Ox 2016 Barbecue
The bottom centre is a full size camera dangling. This is a big machine flying.
Graham returning from the Quad Race Event. 3 Races, 3 Competitors and 3 winners
Rolling the Strip 3rd time March 2016
Graham summer 2018 final preps before take off
Graham and Gordon with the Ultra Flash summer of 2018
 Maria checking out her model at the 2017 Barbi 
 Graham with the spot landing prize May 2017 Barbi 
 Simons lovely electric tug with a Plettingburg Motor and 3 blade prop. Up Up and away ! ! nice !
 May 7th 2017 Barbi
 Nice picy with a troubled sky as back ground. Again good picy Gwen

 Matthews 4 metre duo Discus Glider on a cold sunny and windy April day 2017
 Tug Plane taking up slack prior to take off. Notice the 3 blade prop


Graham, Keith and Peter 2012 Barbi fun fly  winners great weather

 I cannot believe this Graham it started first flick in 1990

 Ken "Cheshire Models RC" presents a little presi to the Kilton at the 2013 Barbi funfly competiton

 Simons Tug  ("Rascal") on it's way with Matthews Duo Discus

 Precision 2 metre Edge with 50cc DA motor

David getting set up for  the hog roast barbi 2013

 Wayne presenting Tomas one of our juniors with his " B " Certificate (13 years of age summer of 2014

 Def beats a Mc Donalds. David doing the biz 2013 Barbi funfly

 So the misus kicked me and Sandy out ! ! Hey I am self contained here ?? Hope it does not snow ! ! !

 Wednesday Boys fly day 2 July 2014

 Just a minute ! ! let me put this moth back in my wallet, it's part of the family you know.

 JG's YT International Spitfire with 20cc Saito Gasser

 David (Carr) winning the guessamate timed flying competition. His winning time .4 of a second beating our Junior "Luke" (standing in background) by .2 of a second. "David how could you ! !"

 Tomas winning the spot landing 2014 Barbi Competition " 

 Graham and Gordon chilling out

 John ("Featherstone") of  "Cheshire Model Club" taking his examiners test at the "Kilton" with David-Loyd-Jones N/W Chief Area Examiner instructing him.  

Our Strip having a short back and sides. "The old Mower still doing the Biz".

Closer look with the wren turbine perched on top

If we land it this way ? ? " Might be an idea" Maybe another time ! !

 Bob winning one of the booby prizes for the spot landing. It was a close call, as he was only 23 metres from the spot 2015 BBQ

"I'm coming here again" Bob winning the Raffle Prize (a fab little hot rod fun fly). 

 Paul giving Clive Needham a chuck with his lecky Glider 2015 BBQ

" That's it Dad my transmitter Battery is down ! ! let's go " 

 Who needs an Estate, could have got another 10 in the boot ! ! !

 Taking it easy after making the tea

 Paul Collis ready for take off in the 2015 BBQ fun fly competition

 Tomas with the Excalibur powered by a Wren 80 Sport Turbine 2016

  MXSR 63" w/span with a Mintor 22cc gasser (waiting for the better spring weather)

 J G's quarter scale DR1 scratch built from a Nick Zirolli Plan in 2002 (still going)

J Gs' Quarter scale Pitts Special with complete cockpit detail

Pits Special showing cock-pit detail and smoke pump. 

 J Gs' finished Quarter scale Focker DR1 with Zenoah 38 with magneto ignition. Built in 2002 and still going ?? !!

 The  Baby Turbine In a foamy twin jet look alike. How about the ear muffs ! ! protection for the hand launch, Hey ! ! not from Peter ! ! (February 2016)

Martin and the rest of us recovering his Quad from the infamous  tree (it's always been there never moves! ! !) 2016 spring Barbi.

Sorry for the delay "Take off will  be shortly just need a bit more water lubrication here"
Mathews Float Plane "Wots Wot" airborne. Arrival in Munich 2 hours with a tail wind
David keeping and eye on things "The Angus Steak"
Getting set up for the FPV Quad Race 2016 Barbi
Is it a bird is it a plane no it's superman. David, Derek and Mathew doing their stuff
Mark with his Pro Quadcopter 2016 Barbecue. Thought he was going out to give us "Flower Of Scotland" on the Bagpipes.
 Sunday morning flying at our club on a lovely warm 2016 summers day
Gwen doing a solo fly bye after kicking the buddy lead into touch. "Watch out for the trees" ! ! "I can help you out there" ! ! Well done, will def sail through the "A" test.
Graham summer of 2018 preping Ultra Flash before flight

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